About Me

Hi there! I'm Heidi. I'm a Nova Scotian, mom to two little people and a rescue dog, wife, lawyer-turned-artist, a lover of travel, beaches and of course seaglass!

Over the years my family has had the chance to live in the UK, USA and Canada, and we've traveled alot along the way. I've been able to seaglass hunt in wonderful places, like Bermuda, the Channel Islands, and my favourite spot of all, Seaham Beach in the UK.

After years of just collecting seaglass, I started creating with it. It happened quite by accident, when my cousin-in-law, knowing I liked both seaglass and doing artsy things, asked if I could create seaglass pictures for her bridesmaids. I said sure, and got to work figuring out how to make them! I shared the finished pictures on social media, and other people started asking to buy them too. And with that, Apricity Designs got its start!

My Style

My art is cheerful and colorful and yet typically quite minimalist. In addition to seaglass, I use other little treasures found in nature such as smooth beach stones, delicate twigs, sand and shells. I also occasionally create tiny shapes from polymer clay for a pop of colour.

Each seaglass picture begins with me searching through my (rather large!) collection of treasures for just the right little pieces of glass, stones etc. I arrange and rearrange, and switch out pieces to get the picture just how I want it, and then affix the materials to textured watercolour paper using an adhesive. After that I pick out the perfect frame or shadowbox to showcase the finished piece.

My Seaglass

The seaglass that I use in my art is all genuine 'as found' seaglass, which has been naturally tumbled by the sea.

While some artists paint or dye their glass or use a polisher or tumbler to smooth or shape it, I do not alter my seaglass in any way (other than adding eyes to birdies!) I believe the true beauty of seaglass comes from the fact that it is created by nature.

The east coast of Canada has some wonderful beaches, and I personally find much of the seaglass that I use in my work. I always get incredibly excited at the prospect of a big storm! I do, however, also purchase seaglass from some trusted sources in order to have a good supply of Seaham multis and rare colours.